Thursday 31 December 2009

Monday 16 November 2009

Duty Free a l'arrivee.

Est-ce que vous savez qu’il ya plusieurs destinations dans le monde ou on peut acheter des marchandises hors taxes a l’aéroport d’arrivée, ainsi que l’aéroport d’embarquement ?
Dans certains pays ce n’est pas possible de prendre vos marchandises hors taxes, particulièrement liquides, avec vous quand vous êtes en transit.
Sans doute, n’avez vous pas beaucoup de temps pour acheter des marchandises hors taxes quand vous êtes arrivées à votre destination.
Il y aura bientôt une solution pour vous donner plus de temps.
Veillez patientez, pour que nous puissions vous donner beaucoup de temps...........

Wednesday 11 November 2009

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Tuesday 11 August 2009


Did you know that if every airline passenger reduced to below 20Kg the weight of goods and items carried and bought what they needed on arrival at a duty-free lounge, this could cut global greenhouse gas emissions by two million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year? In line with the UNEP Campaign and to help passengers reduce their carbon footprint, many destinations around the world offer Duty Free shopping opportunities on arrival.

These include Hong Kong, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Singapore Changi, Antalya, Dubai, Mexico City, Abu Dhabi, Barbados and Manila international airports. now allows you to search the globe as to where you can buy your Duty Free goods on arrival. Civil aviation authorities, airports, tourism authorities and other relevant bodies are encouraged to provide information about their existing or planned facilities to

UNEP contacts;

Friday 24 July 2009

10 things you should never do in an airport.

This is what aol thinks..............

No-one likes airports. They're an irritating means to an end. And some people can make the whole airport experience a lot more stressful and costly than it needs to be. But there are ten things to avoid if you don't want to be the airport mug...


Sunday 12 July 2009

"Kick the CO2 Habit" - UNEP Says It May Be Easier Than You Think

United Nations Environment Programme

For example studies indicate that if every airline passenger reduced to below 20Kg the weight of goods and items carried and bought what they needed on arrival at a duty-free lounge, this could cut global greenhouse gas emissions by two million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year.

Friday 10 July 2009

Duty-Free on arrival dot com makes Google page 1!

Since the launch of and the websites have been moving up the rankings and today is the first time that the website has appeared on page 1 of the google search for "duty-free". Clearly the market for online duty free pre-order is growing and more Operators are launching websites every day. Duty Free on arrival is the first online global portal dedicated to travelling consumers, where they can search locations for places to buy on arrival at international airports. Until now there has not been a global information site for the public to research and understand arrivals duty free.
Good content related to categories like perfumes, cosmetics, watches, liquors and airport information has been added with links to Tax Free and eventually Duty Free on Arrival/Arrivals Duty Free will be adding a question & answer section, so that the travelling public can have their queries resolved.
We thank the public for using our site and advise that if there are any duty-free related questions please send them to
Remember, Arrivals Duty Free information can be found in five languages at these sites: Check before you fly at..........
soon we will also launch an Arabic version at and to follow will be a Russian and Korean Duty Free shopping site.

Friday 19 June 2009

Arrivals Duty Free..who is changing?

Canada, awaiting Government consultations. Switzerland, awaiting Government approval. Bulgaria, Plovdiv airport, opening new shops when the new terminal is completed in 3 months.

Jamaica, Government approval expected. Barcelona Aldeasa, new shops in the baggage halls.

World Duty Free, arrivals shops at Gatwick Heathrow, Stansted and announcements saying "buy now and collect on the way back"!
Turkey Unifree, launch a pre-order website for arrivals duty free.

Duty Free on before we know.

Sunday 14 June 2009

The Independent on Sunday Opinion

Letter: Flying gin bottles are a waste of space
Phil Hill
Saturday, 14 June 1997

Sir: I have just returned from Chicago clutching my bottle of duty-free gin, labelled "Imported from England".
This must be one of thousands of bottles of spirits that have been needlessly flown across the Atlantic to the US, at considerable expense, only so that people like myself can get a few pounds off the cost of a bottle and then fly it straight back.
Why could I not order the duty-free goods I require as I leave Chicago, who then notify Manchester of what to have ready for me?Or why can't I buy the duty free on arrival into the UK, to pass the time while I am waiting at baggage recall?
The whole system seems to be geared to the needless transportation of duty-free goods all over the world, wasting money, fuel and aircraft hold space, and contributing more to carbon dioxide emissions.
Isn't it about time we introduced some common sense into this arrangement?

It has taken a long time but we are getting there.

Sunday 7 June 2009

Official document supporting Arrivals Duty Free for Canada

This document has been published by ......
The “Committee for Arrivals Duty Free” is a group of Canadian airports and duty free operators who are committed to delivering a world-class retail experience for travellers at Canadian airports.

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Australia Duty-Free publicise arrivals pre-order

Duty Free Shopping
Interner, Monday, May 25, 2009
It is a good idea to purchase duty free items while traveling internationally. There are so many benefits you will get from duty free shopping. The obvious benefit is saving money because the items are taxes and duties free. Before shopping for duty free items, it is a good idea to look around and compare prices with regular retail stores. So you can see how much of a bargain you are getting.Today you can order duty free items by online on the Internet. All you have to do is visit and pre-order for duty free items that you want. Then you can pick up the items on arrival or departure at Sydney Airport, New South Wales Australia.

Saturday 23 May 2009

Duty-Free travel forum questions

Duty Free / Tax Free Allowances
Hiya, I'm going to Tenerife next week and i'm a bit confused as to what I can bring back I understand that I can take 200 cigarettes/ 60cl perfume / 1 litre of spirits as duty free but do I have a 'tax free' allowance as well?? And - at the airport on the way out they offer to keep purchases for you til you return to the UK ...

The following day we took a quick trip over the border into Paraguay. The crossing was chaos personified, this tax & duty free haven attracts crowds from Brazil and Argentina as well as everyone else from around South America it seems. Travelblogorg

Doha was pretty cool, lots of cheap duty free. 100 Lamberts for 11 uk pounds

Arrivals Duty Free questions??????

Duty-Free Upon Arrival? by Max in City Trip

After passing the border control and being let into the country, you normally go look for your luggage and head for the exit. But hold your horses, there is still a small surprise ahead. At the Atatürk International Airport of Istanbul, you can also buy duty-free goods upon arrival. Istanbul Trails

Seeing the plethora of Duty Free shops on arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport the question occurred to me...Do the Thai revenue men still pull you and fine you for buying those duty frees after you have gone through customs?If they do it does seem a bit strange to be able to buy on arrival.

Can you get duty free on arrival at Taba airport? Holiday Truths Forum

Best place to buy duty free Royal Salute scotch - Philadelphia to Frankfurt flight?
Is it better to purchase at retail store or at duty free - to get the best price on Royal Salute Chivas 21 yr old scotch? Yahoo questions

Saturday 16 May 2009

Who is "Big Bang Duty Free"?

Lotte is a Korean Duty Free shop Operator, "Big Bang" seem like a band and they seem to have a lot of Spanish and Portuguese speaking fans....please explain?

où pouvez-vous vous acheter Tax Free à l'arrivée?

Hong Kong
New Zealand
Cote d'Ivoire
Sao Paulo
Puerto Plata

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Consultation sur l'accès aux «duty free shops» à l'arrivée en Suisse

On devrait y voir plus clair cet automne sur l'opportunité d'autoriser les voyageurs arrivant en Suisse de passer par les «duty free shops» avant de sortir de l'aéroport.
Le Conseil fédéral a mis mercredi cet assouplissement en consultation.
Les milieux intéressés auront jusqu'au 6 septembre pour donner leur avis concernant la loi sur l'achat de produits dans les boutiques hors taxes. Il s'agit d'élaborer des dispositions permettant de ne plus limiter la vente dans les «duty free shops» aux passagers s'envolant à destination de l'étranger.
Selon le droit en vigueur, les marchandises achetées dans les boutiques hors taxe doivent être exportées du territoire douanier suisse pour que l'exonération des redevances puisse être accordée. Par conséquence, seules les personnes en partance pour l'étranger peuvent effectuer des achats dans ces magasins.
Le projet dit de «tax free at arrival» est destiné à concrétiser une motion du conseiller national Hans Kaufmann (UDC/ZH) approuvée par le Parlement en 2007. Divers pays, dont la Norvège, Malte et Chypre, autorisent déjà l'accès aux boutiques hors taxe aussi à l'arrivée.
Si la Suisse s'aligne sur cette pratique, les aéroports pourraient engranger quelque 20 à 23 millions de francs de recettes supplémentaires par année, selon les estimations de l'époque. Le gouvernement s'était également dit prêt à modifier la législation dans l'idée de renforcer la compétitivité des aéroports suisses. Source: SDA/ATS


Monday 4 May 2009

Tax Free Travel joins the arrival Club!

Tax Free Travel dot com, a relatively new but very comprehensive website about global shopping, has added their weight to the Duty Free on Arrival debate with a full page of information related to the subject.

Friday 17 April 2009

Hors Taxes Duty Free up and running on Twitter

There is an ongoing debate as to whether major Brands should engage more with social networking sites. Duty Free on arrival have embraced this media to build awareness of their new websites, some of which are preparing for the potential introduction of arrivals duty free in Canada. It is noticeable that many major and low-cost airlines have joined the Twitter frenzy, as perhaps they feel the need to be represented there. How many other Brands will join and does this marketing really work for global brands?

Tuesday 31 March 2009

Des avions verts en 2011 IATA


Toutefois, ces biocarburants ne sont pas encore produits à une échelle commerciale, en quantité viable avec des normes communes de qualité. De même des stockages doivent être mis en place.

"La production commerciale doit être une priorité pour les gouvernements qui doivent l'encourager avec des incitations fiscales efficaces et un cadre de régulation", a réclamé le président de IATA.

Bisignani a précisé que cette année les émissions de CO2 causées par le secteur de l'aviation seraient en baisse en raison principalement de la réduction du trafic aérien due à la crise.

IATA représente 230 compagnies, soit 93% du trafic aérien international, à l'exception des compagnies à bas prix.

Monday 30 March 2009

Duty Free on Arrival launches in Canada!

Duty Free on the global portal for online Duty Free sales has just launched their websites in Canada and have secured all the relevant domain names with the .ca ending.

Sunday 29 March 2009

Brazil Duty Free starts Twittering

Dufry the Brasilian Duty Free on arrival retailer has joined the in fashion online site "Twitter" and is following by utilising this media to promote arrivals duty free.

Thursday 19 March 2009