Tuesday 23 June 2009

Friday 19 June 2009

Arrivals Duty Free..who is changing?

Canada, awaiting Government consultations. Switzerland, awaiting Government approval. Bulgaria, Plovdiv airport, opening new shops when the new terminal is completed in 3 months.

Jamaica, Government approval expected. Barcelona Aldeasa, new shops in the baggage halls.

World Duty Free, arrivals shops at Gatwick Heathrow, Stansted and announcements saying "buy now and collect on the way back"!
Turkey Unifree, launch a pre-order website for arrivals duty free.

Duty Free on Arrival.....here before we know.

Sunday 14 June 2009

The Independent on Sunday Opinion

Letter: Flying gin bottles are a waste of space
Phil Hill
Saturday, 14 June 1997

Sir: I have just returned from Chicago clutching my bottle of duty-free gin, labelled "Imported from England".
This must be one of thousands of bottles of spirits that have been needlessly flown across the Atlantic to the US, at considerable expense, only so that people like myself can get a few pounds off the cost of a bottle and then fly it straight back.
Why could I not order the duty-free goods I require as I leave Chicago, who then notify Manchester of what to have ready for me?Or why can't I buy the duty free on arrival into the UK, to pass the time while I am waiting at baggage recall?
The whole system seems to be geared to the needless transportation of duty-free goods all over the world, wasting money, fuel and aircraft hold space, and contributing more to carbon dioxide emissions.
Isn't it about time we introduced some common sense into this arrangement?

It has taken a long time but we are getting there.

Sunday 7 June 2009

Official document supporting Arrivals Duty Free for Canada

This document has been published by ......
The “Committee for Arrivals Duty Free” is a group of Canadian airports and duty free operators who are committed to delivering a world-class retail experience for travellers at Canadian airports.