Friday 24 July 2009

10 things you should never do in an airport.

This is what aol thinks..............

No-one likes airports. They're an irritating means to an end. And some people can make the whole airport experience a lot more stressful and costly than it needs to be. But there are ten things to avoid if you don't want to be the airport mug...


Sunday 12 July 2009

"Kick the CO2 Habit" - UNEP Says It May Be Easier Than You Think

United Nations Environment Programme

For example studies indicate that if every airline passenger reduced to below 20Kg the weight of goods and items carried and bought what they needed on arrival at a duty-free lounge, this could cut global greenhouse gas emissions by two million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year.

Friday 10 July 2009

Duty-Free on arrival dot com makes Google page 1!

Since the launch of and the websites have been moving up the rankings and today is the first time that the website has appeared on page 1 of the google search for "duty-free". Clearly the market for online duty free pre-order is growing and more Operators are launching websites every day. Duty Free on arrival is the first online global portal dedicated to travelling consumers, where they can search locations for places to buy on arrival at international airports. Until now there has not been a global information site for the public to research and understand arrivals duty free.
Good content related to categories like perfumes, cosmetics, watches, liquors and airport information has been added with links to Tax Free and eventually Duty Free on Arrival/Arrivals Duty Free will be adding a question & answer section, so that the travelling public can have their queries resolved.
We thank the public for using our site and advise that if there are any duty-free related questions please send them to
Remember, Arrivals Duty Free information can be found in five languages at these sites: Check before you fly at..........
soon we will also launch an Arabic version at and to follow will be a Russian and Korean Duty Free shopping site.